Mojix featured in Sourcing Journal’s weekly Retail Tech Roundup published on February 16, 2021

Centauro Store front - Shopping Mall

February 17, 2021

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Supply chain visibility


Centauro, Brazil’s largest sporting goods retailer with a footprint of 211 stores, has adopted the RFID- based Mojix Ytem SaaS solution for retail designed to enable, real-time, item-level visibility across the entire product lifecycle. With the solution, Mojix says Centauro can achieve 99.9 percent inventory accuracy, improve supply chain efciency, reduce safety stock and improve the omnichannel customer experience.

On average, Centauro manages the lifecycle of more than 40 million items per year across all aspects of operations. Using the Ytem solution Centauro aims to streamline the logistics process, consistently reach its operational goals, and strengthen its customer-focused omnichannel strategy.

“Knowing what I have in stock and what I receive in the store, I control practically my entire supply chain,” said Sérgio Silva Jardim Filho, growth executive manager at Grupo SBF, the operator of Centauro. “We no longer see ourselves as two channels: physical and digital. Omnichannel is already part of the Centauro culture. We are a single company and we want the customers to see that. The Mojix solution has been a key enabler to our omni-channel execution.”

Centauro implemented the retail SaaS solution, which is based on the Mojix Ytem platform architecture, featuring mobile cycle count, receiving, search-and-pick, and a wide range of other features and useful workows. In addition, they are using Mojix Retail Analytics as part of their overall solution.

The Mojix item-level intelligence solutions are designed around the idea that any given product in a supply chain can be serialized with a unique digital identity. The company says this provides a foundation for enabling total product lifecycle visibility, whether through track-and-trace from origin and manufacturing through to distribution centers, stores and sometimes even after sale.

In the case of Centauro, this visibility better indicates where their items are, where they’re coming from, which business process they’ve been through and where they’re supposed to go next.

Each time an item’s status changes, Mojix collects that event data and streams it into the Ytem platform and processes it along a unique lifecycle data model, allowing users to know the status and history of any item.

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