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What we do

Mojix provides enterprise SaaS solutions for the automation and digitization of operations and supply chains in the Luxury, Retail, Food, and Industrial markets. We help customers optimize business performance, enable unified commerce and improve the customer experience.

Connecting Businesses with their Customers and Supply Chains:

  • Digitizing and Automating Supply Chains
  • Collecting, Storing and Analyzing Item-Level Data
  • Decentralized Item Ledgers and Blockchain Logistics
  • Enabling End-to-End Operational Intelligence
  • Connecting Companies, Brands, Items, and Locations

Mojix in a Nutshell

About Mojix

ytem™ for Retail

ytem™ for Food


Limitless Edge-to-Cloud

With over 20 years’ experience in inventory management and item-tracking, Mojix’s vertical cloud technologies helps companies scale edge locations quickly without sacrificing visibility and security.

The Mojix ytem™ SaaS solution provides end-to-end traceability with item-level visibility, across manufacturing, retail, and food operations. This enables transparency to unlock business and operation ROI across the entire supply chain.



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