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Mojix launches

The first platform and app dedicated to
first to last-mile traceability

We will be at Brasil em Código in São Paulo, Brazil!

On the 10th August 2022

An Edge-to-Cloud Solution That Revolutionizes Digital Transformation for Retailers and Their Customers

Mojix’s vertical cloud technologies help retailers scale edge locations quickly without sacrificing visibility and security—allowing retail applications and features to trickle down into the hands of retail employees and customers as needed.

The Mojix ytem™ solution provides retail customers end-to-end traceability with item-level visibility, across manufacturing, supply chain and retail operations. This enables product authenticity and transparency to unlock business and operational ROI along the whole item lifecycle.

What we do?

Connecting Businesses
with Customers and Supply Chains

  • Digitizing and Automating Supply Chains
  • Collecting, Storing and Analyzing Item-Level Data
  • Decentralized Item Ledgers and Blockchain Logistics
  • Enabling End-to-End Operational Intelligence
  • Connecting People, Products and Places

Mojix provides enterprise solutions for the automation and digitization of operations and supply chains in the retail and industrial markets. We help customers optimize business performance, enable unified commerce and improve the customer experience.

Retail SolutionsIndustrial Solutions

The Ultimate Shopping Experience

  • Mobilize and Streamline Operations
  • Real-Time Product Monitoring
  • Digitize Your Stores
  • Ignite Customer Engagement
  • Automate and Secure Your Supply Chain

The retail ready business suite

A platform that is retail ready from day one but allows a retailer to mature with additional functionality throughout the Digital Transformation. Begin with our Starter Offering and expand as your organization and business adopts new technology and achieve a true Smart Supply Chain

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A Virtual Voice for Brand and Item Intelligence

Allow the authentication and certification of products from concept to consumer, protecting the beauty of goods as well as the brand heritage.

Deliver personalized promotions and unique experiences; keep your sales associates knowledgeable of precise product location and engage your connected consumer.

Empower real-time merchandising with precision localization of product placement, streamlining visual merchandising and movement.

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Manufacturing Has Never Been So Efficient

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Strengthen Supply Chain Security
  • Enforce Consensus with Blockchain Smart Contracts
  • Streamline Inventory
  • Boost Production

Synchronize and optimize your supply chain, verify shipments and automate, streamline and error-proof processes. Asset tracking of tooling, fixed assets and WIP to utilizing smart contracts and decentralized Blockchain ledgers in a trustless environment while maintaining peak output.

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Unify Your Business With a Powerful Supply Chain

  • Automate Yard Management
  • Optimize Ground Support Equipment
  • Streamline Cargo Operations
  • Improve Vehicle Tracking
  • Enforce with Smart Contracts and Decentralized Blockchain Ledgers

From vehicle tracking to streamlining cargo operations or optimizing ground support equipment to automating yard management, the costs of inefficiencies caused by a lack of visibility are considerable. Today, many companies are using item-level tracking and intelligence technologies to reach near 100% shipping, receiving, and order accuracy; 99.5% inventory accuracy; 30% faster order processing and 30% reduction in labor costs.

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Create a Safe Environment with Total Precision

  • Prevent Operational Losses
  • Enhance Safety, Reduce Risks
  • Automate Supply Chains
  • Better Utilization of Assets

Operating an oil rig or refinery and the complex supply chain that supports it requires the tracking of thousands of assets — the lack of just one can stop production. Combining data from RFID, GPS and other tags, Mojix solutions tell you where your assets are in real time. Complex construction jobs are synchronized, reducing overruns and penalties. Asset utilization is maximized.

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The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Luxury Brands

Manufacturing Has Never Been So Efficient


Manufacturing Has Never Been So Efficient


Unify Your Business With a Powerful Supply Chain

Oil and Gas

Create a Safe Environment with Total Precision

Enabling Smarter Supply Chains with Blockchain

Smart Supply Chains That Comply with the Latest Security, Privacy and Authenticity Regulations.

Item-level data, smart contracts and Blockchain technology ensure more transparent and efficient supply chains. We help provide traceability, security and product certification through distributed ledgers, timestamps and validation at every point in your supply chain.

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