Product Traceability That Attaches Source™ Data at the Item Level

Seamlessly connect your company’s product information from source to shelf and farm to fork. Backed by the best-in-class headless API and microservices architecture from Mojix, Source provides an accurate, credible, real-time view of your products at every intersection of the supply chain journey.

View every item alongside its raw material sources, manufacturer information, packing and shipping events, and all other traceability data. Remove data silos that are storing your key product information to gain a clear picture of end-to-end product lifecycle data.

Meet evolving industry requirements like FSMA Rule 204 with automated traceability reports for the FDA and other authorities.

Precisely locate specific batches and quantities, understand where they traveled, and quickly respond to recalls.

Provide complete supply chain transparency to authenticate your products, control their quality, and build customer trust.

While designed for food and retail traceability, Source’s benefits extend to any sector that relies on the latest supply chain visibility technology.

From raw source to final destination, Digital Product Passports (DPP) demand complete traceability data across the entire supply chain. Source enables you to comply with FSMA 204, GS1, and product management initiatives. Gather, store, and share DPP data to improve your brand’s operational efficiency, increase product safety, remain compliant, and strengthen customer trust.

Achieve FSMA 204 Compliance

Source provides comprehensive traceability capabilities through Mojix’s advanced software. The platform seamlessly connects to third-party systems to compose complete, auditable product lifecycle records that go far beyond “one up, one back” visibility. 

Automate your reporting with one-click access to FDA-compliant traceability documentation. Streamline your data capture through smart automation, recognition technologies, and serialization tools. Reduce errors while providing precise real-time monitoring of products at every supply chain point.

  • End-to-end traceability from raw suppliers to finished products (and repairs!)
  • Lifecycle visibility for any industry
  • Map siloed system data back to original raw materials
  • Capture first-mile critical tracking events
  • Link origination data through the entire supply chain
  • Certifications, testing, and quality data connectivity
  • Precise location tracking at every point
  • Real-time monitoring of handling details

Native GS1 integration allows you to generate global trade item numbers (GTINs) and create standardized barcode, QR, or RFID labels directly in the Source mobile app. Instantly serialize lots and register establishments, giving your products commercial traceability value from the earliest lifecycle stage. 

The single repository for all your suppliers’ traceability and certifications. 

Integrate with your existing software and databases to retrieve the right information—lot per lot, item per item. Eliminate data silos to easily find updated, real-time, item-level information within seconds. 

Seamless Implementation

Our “plug-and-play” mobile app enables easy GTIN generation, standardization of labels/tags, and data capture.

Unified Product Intelligence

Product traceability that aggregates multi-source data into simple, unified reports, making sense of the information you already have and attaching it to the remaining KDEs you need.

Continuous Visibility

A centralized hub for real-time, item-level tracking that delivers supplier certifications and traceability results across every partner and supplier.

Future-Proof Solution

Mojix evolves Source features as your brand and traceability demands grow.

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