Every Movement. Every Item. One Asset Tracking Solution.

Whether it’s heavy machinery or any other high-value asset, losing track of asset information leads to slowdowns and wasted productivity. With real-time item-level asset visibility, companies eliminate costly asset losses once and for all.

Vizix transforms real-time data from passive and active RFID, satellite, and other IoT sensors into interactive reports that inform your most crucial business decisions like ordering, replenishing, and shipping.

Vizix is more than just an asset tracking software. Gain intelligent operation insights that drive efficiency at every level of delivery:

Autonomous asset discovery and association

Zone-based, room-level, and sub-room location tracking

Condition monitoring of temperature, moisture, shock, and more

Historical audit trail for all asset movements and events

Item-level IoT data capture from Mojix leverages multiple hardware options for wireless sensors. With support for Bluetooth, RFID, WiFi, and other technologies, Vizix handles real-time data and works with your existing systems to ensure flexibility and global scalability. 

  • Automate workflows for smarter utilization and preventative maintenance
  • Increase worker productivity by decreasing asset search time
  • Data-proven asset lifecycle management from procurement to retirement



Multi-Tenant Selections

Custom Tabs

Vizix empowers businesses with the end-to-end data visibility they need to scale, streamline, and secure their bottom line. Harness its configurable application framework and elegant user interface to observe every movement of every asset — all in real time.

Vizix provides rapid time-to-value:

  • Intuitive user experience requiring minimal training
  • Scalable architecture for assets across multiple facilities
  • Turnkey integration with ERP, WMS, MES, and other systems
  • Cloud-based or on-premises deployment models

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