Has RFID Technology Arrived?

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May 18, 2017

Using the idiom “to have arrived”, or more specifically, “to have reached a position of power, authority or prominence”, everyone seems to be asking the question – has RFID technology finally arrived?  Yes. Most definitely yes!

If you look at some examples of recent media coverage about the technology, it becomes abundantly clear RFID has arrived, and its use is growing rapidly as businesses around the world discover its many benefits.

RFID at Macy’s

For Macy’s, RFID “is not a project, it’s very much integrated into how we do business,” Bill Connell, senior vice president of transportation, store operations and process improvement for the department store.

Read More – https://www.forbes.com/sites/barbarathau/2017/05/15/is-the-rfid-retail-revolution-finally-here-a-macys-case-study/#305a04573294

RFID at lululemon

lululemon sees inventory accuracy as foundational to their primary goal, delivering the optimum guest experience with their brand. By implementing an RFID solution, they leverage the keen insight only RFID technology can provide for real-time, accurate inventory visibility and the ability to easily locate product for all their guests. lululemon also recognizes that RFID helps to streamline store operational processes.

Read More – https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lululemon-honored-best-retail-rfid-101100505.html;_ylt=AwrXnCfAcRxZ4hAAaVnQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByYzcwcmt2BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM0BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–

RFID technology market to be worth more than $40 billion

RFID technology has been in use for several years now; however, the recent growth in its applications across a wide set of industries, such as retail, transport, medical, and defense, among others, has spurred its adoption. The retail industry is at the forefront and has witnessed its technological reconnaissance with the use of RFID tags.

Read More – http://www.marketwatch.com/story/rfid-technology-market-worth-405-billion-by-2025-cagr-147-grand-view-research-inc-2017-05-16-72033111?mod=mw_share_twitter

Making RFID work in real life

RFID technologies have been quietly making their way into the retail mainstream since the 2005 Walmart ‘RFID mandate’. But unlike Walmart’s original requirement to streamline the shipment of goods from manufacturers to retailer DCs with case and pallet tagging, the retailers represented by the panel have used RFID for item-level tagging to improve inventory accuracy in the store.

Read More – http://www.essentialretail.com/comment/article/59143f51c7e93-rbte-2017-making-rfid-work-in-real-life

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