RFID and IoT Bring Real Benefits to Transportation and Logistics

Air Cargo Transported in Airplane

February 7, 2018

RFID and IoT technology is proving to be a valuable asset in transportation and logistics. From vehicle tracking to streamlining cargo operations or optimizing ground support equipment to automating yard management, the costs of inefficiencies caused by a lack of visibility are considerable. Today, many companies are using RFID and IoT technology to reach near 100% shipping, receiving, and order accuracy; 99.5% inventory accuracy; 30% faster order processing and 30% reduction in labor costs. With significant improvements in visibility across the supply chain, the benefits of RFID and IoT systems in transportation and logistics is proving to be substantial for many of the world’s top companies.

One area of transportation and logistics that’s benefiting greatly from RFID and IoT technology is air cargo. Here are a few articles that highlight those benefits:

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