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Building the Future of Supply Chain Management Worldwide

In a world of impatient clients, eco-conscious consumers, ever-changing trends, and repeated shortages, a healthy supply chain is like a backbone holding the retail enterprise together. Your supply chain needs your undivided attention. The shift from SKU level data to item-level data is underway and requires a new type of data infrastructure to serve the needs of enterprise software categories like Product Information Management, Inventory Management and Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Integrations. Solve retail challenges by turning item-level data into actionable operational intelligence. Optimize business performance, enable unified commerce and improve customer experience with ytem for Retail.

Welcome to the ytem™ Chain

How Do We Create It?

We Make Items Smart

An ‘item’ can be an individual finished good, a packaged finished good, a component presented in bulk, a spare part, a raw material, a container, or any physical asset. 

By giving each item a unique universal ID through serialization, any individual item can be tracked throughout its lifecycle, from raw material to shelf. Every critical event affecting the item is captured with a set of key data elements made available to stakeholders in the supply chain. 

With our technology, it is the item itself that is the data carrier, not transactional documents referring to this item. By eliminating the intermediation, the data set is more accurate and comprehensive, easier to access, and repairs, returns, changes of ownership, or any other action can be conducted more swiftly, and more precisely.

Our Platform Is Interoperable

Our SaaS platform is technology-agnostic and compatible with any existing hardware or software used within a company’s supply chain.

 We capture data from any type of identifier: barcode (1D), QR code (2D), RFID EPC, NFC, invisible ink, BLE MAC… The immutable and secure data can be stored, shared and synchronized across different networks and APIs for warehouse management systems, MES, WCS, or ERP.

 We can contribute to any decision support system, whether realtime and analytical (reporting and BI), pre-defined rules (business actions), or auto-generated rules (predictive analysis).

We Make Items Available

Our solution helps locate any item in a warehouse, store or DC with pinpoint accuracy, and therefore reduce production downtime and stock levels. 

By achieving 100% inventory accuracy, safety stocks can be reduced for an immediate impact on revenue levels. Thanks to this data, accessible in real time, stores can be used as mini-DCs for local preparation of orders and distribution of e-shop purchases: good for the environment, for customer experience, and for a company’s bottom line. 

Better yet, by enabling smart replenishment, fulfilment and display compliance, ytem also helps shelves and aisles remain full, to avoid lost sales and maximise a store’s revenue.

Our Platform Is Scalable

Our ISO-27001:2013-certified SaaS platform has reached ‘Level 4’ maturity, the highest the market has to offer: it is multi-tenant, multi-region, scalable and configurable in the cloud. 

Global by design, the platform was built with multinational clients and end-users in mind. Today, the cloud-native platform is vertically scalable, i.e. edge-to-cloud, via hybrid cloud technologies. It is also horizontally scalable via multi-cloud, to extend across the Retail industry. To achieve a degree of state-of-the-art for its platform, Mojix partners with the most reputed and advanced tech providers: Google Cloud, Confluent Cloud, Atlas, Intel, Redapt…

Clients Get The “Full Brand Experience”

Not only does ytem  improve omni-channel distribution for end-clients and staff in charge of order preparations, but it also transforms end-clients’ experience within stores. 

ytem drastically reduces service time by locating items at the ‘last seen’ location within a store: the days of searching for a lost or misplaced reference, color, or size are over. 

In parallel, ytem enables technologies such as magic mirrors to enrich a customer’s visit to the store with relevant contextual information and media. However brands want to build their storytelling, whatever the messages, persona, markers, or motivations brands want to play with, ytem makes the phygital experience seamless, so it can strongly contribute to brand perception and loyalty.

Our platform enables QA and Authentication

By registering critical events all along the supply chain, ytem helps companies stay compliant with local traceability-based regulations for quality control and sustainable provenance.

Because it’s always possible to know, from its individual identification, where an item came from and where it is supposed to go next, ytem  shields companies against the black and grey markets.

Additionally, secure identification enables item authentication, which can be blockchain-registered if required. This is a fail-proof enabler for after-sales repairs and controlling the second-hand market, which is currently booming in Apparel.

What Does ytem™ Offer?

Realtime, Actionable Insights

Our data aggregation, processing and management services come complete with a web app, configured to give a comprehensive view of fundamental supply chain KPIs in dashboard format, as well as more granular, item-level information, all of which can be viewed from any company device. Some of the app’s features include: search, inventory, check, tasks, pack & ship and receive.

The product journey is updated in real time: data collected from a reader for example is aggregated and stitched together with other sources to produce actionable operational intelligence. With the BI & Reporting feature, an end-user leverages item-level data to make critical business decisions, in an informed and timely manner.

Power At The Edge

Our user-friendly app can be used alongside any handheld readers to empower your sales associates, DC and warehouse personnel to make the right decisions.

Software and hardware work hand-in-hand to deliver:

  • Automated cycle counts 
  • Automated replenishment 
  • Omni-channel efficiency
  • Automated returns & attractive returns policy
  • Optimized stock levels, reducing out-of-stocks and safety stocks
  • Automated receiving and shipping