From every part of the world, our partners fit the data puzzle together: 

  • Collecting
  • Processing
  • Sharing
  • Securing 
  • Simplifying

Whether it’s for retail, food, or manufacturing industries, end-to-end middleware capabilities deliver unparalleled insights. 


Technical partnerships add value to the supply chain services Mojix offers so customers receive best-in-class, market-proof platforms.

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Services & Systems

Service partners are experts in system integration, operations, distribution, referrals, and industry fieldwork. With Mojix, multiple solutions work together to better serve the whole.

Data Capture

Mojix aggregates item data to deliver comprehensive business intelligence. Data Capture partners provide RFID tags, inlays, mobile computing devices, IoT sensors, and more to enhance outcomes for clients.

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Knowledge Leaders

Knowledge partners teach what the industry cannot—societal change, the common good, prospective analysis, and people skills. Mojix works with leaders and consultants in research organizations, academia, government, and innovation to create ethical, effective solutions for clients.

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Gideon Van Kampen
Principal Solutions Consultant, Global

Company overview & competition
Pricing models & use cases

Mobile app (DC + Stores)
Dashboards (Inventory / Receiving / Enterprise monitor)

Platform configuration
Application configuration
Hardware staging

Product & SOH file
API guides (SC, Status
Network Architecture)

Release Management
Support processes, Users creation
Platform & HR monitoring

Governance / RACI
Workshops review

Supply-based industries like food and retail depend on digital solutions that can quickly scale operations and ensure item-level visibility into their total supply chain.