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Why partner with Mojix? 

In our highly complex environments, no tech company can reach a stable growth rate on the long term without strong bonds within the ecosystem. Whether it’s to build, to service or to sell, two organizations will have more horsepower than one.

We could rely on chance encounters, but we decided to do much better than that: we designed a Partner Program for easy onboarding and to guarantee everyone benefits from the outcomes. We’re actively calling on the strongest players in our ecosystem, whether technical, academic or sales-focused, to prove the adage of 1+1=3. We are committed to making this work!

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Jorge Antunez
Head of Alliances

Welcome aboard!

We welcome partners for every part of our puzzle: from collecting to processing and sharing data; from any part of the world; for projects that are live today and those of which we’re dreaming, for tomorrow.

Grow with us

We engage with partners along three standard models

Referral Program

Following a standard co-sell model, you deliver your services while earning a Referral fee.

Resell Program

As an eligible partner, you own the customer relationship and deliver our services.

SI Program

Integrate and implement our solution to the client’s specifications.

Our Partners



We’re proud to present technical partners that provide value to the services we offer, either as a technical backbone to our platform or as complementary services. 

We know that our platform is best-in-class in terms of speed and availability thanks to them. We know that our services are market-proofed and technically sound thanks to them. 

They strive for excellence in their field, we in ours. We were meant to come together!

Data Capture


We aggregate and piece together item data to transform it into business intelligence.  Hence, the capture of data is the cornerstone of our business. 

We welcome partners offering all technologies for fixed and mobile readers, as well as tags of any description or specification.

We share the same clients, for the same positive outcomes… We were meant to come together!

Referral, Resellers and System Integrators


These partners do the field work at our clients’ premises and know our common clients inside and out. Most often, they have met half of the industry in the course of their existence. 

We therefore value their approach and their critical eye. Solutions are worked through together and their satisfaction is important when it comes to serving our mutual clients. 

We share their industry expertise and their conceptual and strategic framework… We were meant to come together!

Knowledge Leaders


They come from academia, global standards organizations, business associations, state or governmental institutions. They represent Research, Innovation, Interoperability, Global Business, Governments. Through them, we learn what the industry cannot teach us: the common good, world and societal evolutions, prospective analyses: all that is needed to better direct our own Research & Innovation, and, most importantly, better advise our clients… We were meant to come together! 

Example of a Tech Partnership

Google Anthos + Intel + Redapt + Mojix

Ramping up digital supply chain operations? Easy, with the best vertical edge-to-cloud solution!

If you’re in a product supply-based industry, like retail, how do you quickly scale your operations while maintaining visibility and security across all your locations? Four leading organizations put their heads–and their technology–together to power the most advanced solution on the market today.

Our Partners

Technology Partner


Intel is an industry leader, creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives. By embedding intelligence in the cloud, network, edge and every kind of computing device, Intel unleashes the potential of data to transform business and society for the better. 

Technology Partner

Google Cloud

Google Cloud accelerates organizations’ ability to digitally transform their business with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions and expertise. Google Cloud delivers enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology – all on the cleanest cloud in the industry.

Technology Partner

Google Anthos

Anthos unifies the management of infrastructure and applications across on-premises, edge, and in multiple public clouds with a Google Cloud-backed control plane for consistent operation at scale. 

Technology Partner


Redapt is an end-to-end technology solutions provider bringing clarity to a dynamic technical environment. Redapt helps customers navigate through challenges and obstacles to accelerate growth. Redapt offers expertise spanning datacenter infrastructure to cloud implementations, and they bring the knowledge and industry experience in all practice areas. 

Technology Partner


CMX has led the market for over a decade, with the most comprehensive, user-friendly, cloud-based EQMS platform for retail, food, consumer goods, and service providers. It’s the only enterprise solution to effectively combine supply chain quality and operational excellence into a single, fully configurable operating platform. 

Technology Partner

Contare Tecnologia

Contare Tecnologia offers customized solutions to meet the demands of varied market segments. Their secure and agile solutions uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology with an intelligent and versatile platform that integrates directly with existing ERP structures

Technology Partner


Synergy Tecnologia is a value-added distributor of RAIN RFID and IoT solutions for the Brazilian market. Included in the range of products distributed by Synergy are: IoT gateways, readers, antennas and RAIN RFID tags from several OEM manufacturers such as Impinj, Laird and others. Synergy also acts as a solution Value Added Reseller for information security and wireless networking solutions.

Data Capture Partner


Arylla was founded by a team of nanotechnology engineers from the University of Waterloo. We are supported by a number of investors from around the world including Y Combinator and have the privilege of working with many amazing brands.

Data Capture Partner


Honeywell is a Fortune 100 technology company, which delivers industry-specific solutions including: aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable. 

Data Capture Partner


Impinj helps businesses and people analyze, optimize, and innovate by wirelessly connecting billions of everyday things—such as apparel, automobile parts, luggage, and shipments—to the Internet. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely data about these everyday things to business and consumer applications, enabling a boundless Internet of Things.

Data Capture Partner


Zebra empowers organizations to thrive in the on-demand economy by making every front-line worker and asset at the edge visible, connected and fully optimized. With an ecosystem of more than 10,000 partners across more than 100 countries, Zebra serves customers of all sizes – including 94% of the Fortune 100 – with an award-winning portfolio of hardware, software, services and solutions that digitize and automate workflows.

Data Capture Partner

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison is a global materials science and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials,  which are used in nearly every major industry.

Data Capture Partner


Beontag specializes in the design, development and manufacture of RFID inlays, tags and labels (radio frequency identification), in addition to acting as an official equipment distributor.

Data Capture Partner


For over 30 years, r-pac has delivered hardline, softline and supply chain solutions to retailers and brand owners. Today, r-pac operates a global infrastructure providing our customers with in-country, owned manufacturing, brand management, quality assurance and competitive pricing.

Data Capture Partner


Bluebird provides enterprise mobile, various types of RFID reader solutions, AI-based IoT RFID platform and consulting services as one-stop services. Bluebird’s broad product portfolio connects to data you need anytime and anywhere, supporting customers’ business value to be maximized by improving productivity and efficiency.

Data Capture Partner


Oktium brings human connection back to where it’s been missing by innovating at the intersection of online and offline retail commerce sectors. A transactional video connection platform, Oktium provides an amazing, stylish, and modern in-store-like shopping experience for online consumers around the world on their mobile devices and computers.

Data Capture Partner


SATO is a global auto-ID solutions provider for leading manufacturing, logistics, retail, food & beverage, health care companies. With a bottom-up understanding of on-site use applications, SATO tags items with identifiers to improve supply chain flows of tomorrow by solving managerial and operational challenges of today.

Data Capture Partner

Point Mobile

Founded in 2006, Point Mobile is one of the fastest-growing enterprise handheld manufacturers in the world, with a strong focus on OEM and ODM devices until 2012. For years, we have made devices for companies such as Honeywell, Datalogic, and even Ingenico for mobile payment devices.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner


Coriel is a specialist systems integrator, focused on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 solutions. Over 12 years, the team has built an extensive knowledge base, together with the expertise needed to implement reliable solutions that deliver immediate, value-driven business benefits.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner


Since 2014, Pitival is a trusted, high quality IT services provider, delivering its services collaboratively, reliably and ethically. The team has many years of IT and project management experience and knew there was a better way to provide global IT services — so they built a better model from the ground up.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner


As a top 5 global technology and business solutions provider, NTT’s services include digital business consulting, technology and managed services for cybersecurity, applications, workplace, cloud, data center and networks. The company operates in 80+ countries and serves over 80% of Fortune Global 100 companies.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner

Mieloo & Alexander

Mieloo & Alexander designs, builds and deploys standard, configurable track & trace and stock management solutions in Fashion & Apparel Retail, Asset Management and Supply Chain environments. 

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner


Innovent specializes in innovative AutoID, RFID and locating solutions and has evolved from a technology creation company to a hands-on AutoID and machine vision integrator. They have an extensive experience in deploying innovative technologies in logistics and manufacturing environments.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner

Linea DataScan

Linea DataScan is a technology solutions and services company, specializing in mobility, point-of-sale systems and e-commerce solutions. The company has led the market with great skill thanks to its maturity and dedication to service.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner

STG – Southern Technology Group 

Southern Technology Group is a Chilean company founded in 2002 with extensive experience in the market for integrating state-of-the-art technologies, highlighting its expertise in logistics and optimization of operational processes in various verticals such as retail, industrial, food & beverage and health.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner

On Smart Tech

On Smart Tech is a provider of IT, Telecom and Commercial Automation solutions and services for the corporate market. With a focus on innovative technologies, they have extensive experience in ITO/BPO process integration and consulting.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner

RW Serviços

RW Serviços is a technology integrator that supports its customers with equipment, consultancy, and services in projects for automatic data capture with barcode and RFID. RW Serviços connects people, devices, and information with high-performance corporate networks and critical missions, enabling sustainable productivity gains in business.

Referral, Reseller and SI Partner

Grupo Arkcom

Grupo Arkcom is a Mexican company founded on February 10, 2000. From the very beginning, they have been dedicated to the sale of technology services, communications equipment, mobile computing, and portable printing; focused on satisfying the needs of our clients who require high-quality services.

Knowledge Leader Partner


GS1 standards are the most widely used system of standards in the world. GS1 standards enable organisations to identify, capture and share information smoothly, creating a common language that underpins systems and processes all over the world.

Knowledge Leader Partner

Auburn University RFID Lab 

The RFID Lab at Auburn University is a research institute focusing on the business case and technical implementation of RFID and other emerging technologies in retail, aviation, supply chain, and manufacturing.

The Training Tracks

Sales Training

Company overview & competition
Pricing models & use cases


Product Training

Mobile app (DC + Stores)
Dashboards (Inventory / Receiving / Enterprise monitor)

Deployment Training

Platform configuration
Application Configuration
Hardware staging

Integration Training

Product & SOH File
API guides (SC, Status
Network Architecture

Support Training

Release Management
Support processes, Users creation
Platform & HR monitoring

Project Training

Governance / RACI
Workshops review

About Mojix 

Mojix is a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail. The firm is leading the way in item-level traceability solutions utilizing its high security, globally scalable cloud-hosted SaaS platform. Founded in 2004, the company has deep domain expertise in serialization technologies such as RFID, NFC, and print based marking systems. Mojix builds business intelligence from event-triggered actions tracking billions of unique identities, following item lifecycles from source to shelf. Companies can leverage the seamlessly integrated data to increase their sales and operational efficiency, reduce major risks and enhance their customer experience. With offices across the US, Latin America and Europe, Mojix is now a recognized expert in end-to-end, item-level track and trace, product authentication and automated inventory management.

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