RFID Enables Nearly 100% Order Accuracy for Retail

Using RFID, companies can triple their order accuracy and reduce chargebacks. According to a new research from the Auburn University RFID Lab and GS1 US  brand owners and retailers using Electronic Product Code (EP)-enabled radio frequency identification (RFID) to optimize inventory management and reconcile product shipments are capable of achieving 99.9 percent order accuracy.

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Jim Donaldson

Jim is the Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at Mojix, Inc., a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail. Jim has more than 30 year's experience working for both start-up and public technology companies.


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  1. harith

    Hi Jim- We are working on some cutting edge stuff in India for retailers and many of them have shown keen interest in RTLS and cycle count – are you considering partner in the India Sub-continent including India, Bhutan, Sri-Lanka and Nepal.

    Drop an email and maybe we can take this forward. Warm regards Harith


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