Mojix Brings Transformational RFID, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain Technology to NRF Retail’s Big Show 2017

January 12, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, January 12, 2017 – Mojix, Inc. will showcase hands-free RFID, inventory analytics and blockchain technology solutions at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show in New York City on January 15-17 at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center. Located on Level 1 in booth #526 and Level 3 in Microsoft booth #2803, Mojix will highlight RFID-based real-time inventory solutions that provide retailers with higher revenue and margins, omni-channel excellence, better customer service, and a more efficient supply chain.

Mojix will be introducing TurboAntenna™, an advanced RFID antenna that enables, for the first time, real-time, hands-free inventory for retailers. TurboAntenna solves the hardest challenges of RFID in retail by eliminating employee compliance issues with handhelds (exacerbated by a 60% employee turnover rate) and solving the “static tag problem” that results from thousands of non-moving RFID tags. TurboAntenna significantly enhances the performance of hands-free RFID, delivering not only sales lift, but extending the benefits to include better customer service, more competitive omni-channel execution and streamlined in-store operations.

Mojix is also announcing the availability of its new Retail Task Management App. This exciting new tool helps retailers increase sales by using RFID data to trigger and streamline tasks such as replenishment. Available to users of Mojix’s OmniSenseRF Inventory Service, the Task Management App runs on iOS or Android devices carried by employees, notifying them when action is needed and providing an elegant and simple interface to prioritize high-value items and streamline execution. The App supports multiple scenarios, including basic replenishment and “hot replenishment,” when some SKUs are out-of-stock and a new shipment arrives. The App syncs with the Mojix ViZix IoT Software Platform that managers can use to get up-to-the-minute status on inventory and replenishment performance at the SKU, department or store level.

Partnering with Microsoft Corporation in booth #2803, Mojix will be highlighting technology solutions to enable blockchain-powered smart contracts – driving the next wave of innovation across supply chains. Blockchain technology will play a key role in lowering overall business costs by creating more agile supply chains – fostering closer cooperation and enhanced trust among retailers, suppliers and logistic partners.

Exhibitor Insight Presentation on Blockchain Technology

On Tuesday, January 17, Mojix and Microsoft will be presenting on the topic of RFID, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain Technology during an Exhibitor Insight Presentation located in the Expo Hall, Room 1, Level 1. The session begins at 12:45pm and will discuss how breakthrough hands-free RFID and big-data analytics software deliver financial benefits and operational excellence for retailers, plus a look ahead at blockchain technology in the supply chain. For more information: Mojix Exhibitor Insight

The National Retail Federation (NRF) 2017 Show, aka Retail’s Big Show, is a showcase for the industry’s most innovative technologies and the place to be for retailers. NRF welcomes retail executives from all around the world who are searching for the most innovative and modern solutions and tools. Mojix is proud to exhibit at this year’s convention.

About Mojix

Mojix is a pioneer in the RFID and sensor networks space. We provide wide-area RFID systems, which are built on patented long-range location technology, real-time IoT software platform solutions and cloud and mobile development services for IoT applications. Our primary focus is solving the big data problems created by collecting large-scale amounts of data from various wireless and wired sources. We are innovators in fixed infrastructure sensor networks that collect, store, analyze and interconnect data from multiple sources including RFID, GPS and other sensor devices. Mojix IoT solutions provide big data scalability and feature highly configurable application frameworks and elegant user interfaces with advanced analytics, enabling end-to-end business intelligence and data visibility across multiple industries. For more information, visit

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