Mojix Reduces Risk and Saves Money for the Oil and Gas Industry

LOS ANGELES − August 28, 2012 − Mojix® Inc., the leading technology provider for wide-area RFID networks with unique passive RTLS capabilities, today announced an increased focus on delivering its industry-leading radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to the complex supply chain needs of the oil and gas industry. Operating an off shore oil platform and the supply chain that supports it requires tracking thousands of business critical assets. With Mojix’s advanced passive real-time location system (pRTLS), losing a critical asset or spending time tracking assets is virtually eliminated. In addition, the Mojix solution supports applications for increased personnel safety

The oil and gas industry is a vast, complex global network including domestic and international transportation, inventory ordering, visibility and control, materials handling, import/export facilitation and information technology. From open-sea oil drilling rigs and refineries to workers and physical products, all require unique tracking solutions to help ensure delivery and safety. Mojix pRTLS is an ideal solution for the oil and gas industry delivering efficiency, safety, operational risk management and regulatory compliance. One Mojix infrastructure provides mutliple business application use cases, optimizing the ROI for oil and gas companies.

“The bottom line for the oil and gas industry is that having a more efficient supply chain and the highest level of safety isn’t merely a ‘nice to have’, it is a ‘must have’,”said Ramin Sadr, CEO and founder of Mojix. “Oil and gas is used by millions of people to power their homes and fuel their cars, and with Mojix, these corporations now have a safe and low-cost way to continuously monitor their supply chain, which increases operational efficiency, improves safety and speeds production.”

Operational risk management with Mojix pRTLS can improve safety by eliminating processes where there’s potential for accident or injury. When tracking personnel wearing ID cards with embedded passive RFID, it becomes possible to locate each employee at any time. Mojix pRTLS reads passive RFID tags on pipes from a distance, so there’s no need for workers to manually un-rack and examine those pipes to verify their identity. Mojix can also ensure that personnel are wearing appropriate gear when at work by reading RFID tags on helmets and safety vests.

With Mojix STAR system, customers also save money. Mojix provides deep supply chain transparency and reduces the number of human touch points, which dramatically reduces the incidence of lost items and positively impacts the bottom line.

The Mojix pRTLS system’s unique use of passive RFID tags, as opposed to active tags, offers two major advantages for the oil and gas industry. The first is low cost – roughly one to five percent the cost of an active tag – therefore tags can be applied appropriately to different asset classes. Second, batteries are not needed to operate passive sensors, making them intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments. Today, passive RFID technology is available for containers, pipes, tools, cases, pallets and a wide array of asset classes supplied by more than 100 vendors across the globe based on a common international standard, referred to as EPCGen2/GS1.

The STAR product family is designed for scalable visibility across the enterprise-wide supply chain; providing significant impact on an organization’s operational efficiency and bottom-line profit and loss. The Mojix STAR 3000 is the only system capable of locating passive RFID sensors in large areas with coverage in excess of 200,000 square feet and can read and locate and RFID tag at up to 600 feet, utilizing a single STAR System. Unlike conventional RFID systems, the STAR 3000 system employs advanced digital signal processor (DSP) techniques, processing the RFID signal in multiple dimensions, namely polarization and space in addition to the time and frequesncy dimensions used by legacy RFID systems.

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About Mojix

Mojix is the leading technology provider for wide-area RFID networks with unique passive RTLS capabilities enabling organizations to have ubiquitous visibility of any object, item, case, product or asset in their supply chain. Providing the only wide-area passive RFID reader on the market, Mojix locates tags across large physical areas to significantly improve an organization’s ability to manage its production and logistical processes at a lower TCO. Unlike conventional passive RFID systems that are limited in coverage area, read range or active RFID systems that require costly battery-operated sensors, Mojix offers the best of both worlds: active RFID capabilities at passive RFID economics.

The Mojix STAR (Space Time Array Reader) system moves beyond conventional passive RFID offerings to enable economical, large-scale and high-volume RFID deployment. Founded in 2004 by former JPL/NASA scientists, Mojix is an international, privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit

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