Mojix and Redapt Leverage the Power of Google Anthos to Revolutionize Digital Transformation

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August 25, 2020

Innovative edge-to-cloud solution by Mojix is managed by Redapt and enabled by Intel

The retail customer experience has changed dramatically over the past few months, and retailers everywhere are rapidly evolving their business and IT strategies to meet customer needs better.

Retail companies worldwide are developing new and innovative ways to please the tech-savvy shopper, who expects and desires user-friendly mobile and application interfaces.

For the retail company, computing closer to store data sources, and the ability to launch many pop-up stores simultaneously is a must. Mojix, a leading software provider of Item Chain Management solutions to consumer brand, retail, and industrial enterprises, understands how vital edge computing is for retailers and their customers. Mojix alongside end-to-end technology solutions provider, Redapt, has built a solution running on Anthos powered by Intel that is perfect for the quickly evolving retailer.

Mojix’s vertical cloud technologies paired with Redapt’s custom retail infrastructure install and configure service helps retailers scale quickly without sacrificing visibility and security—allowing real business transformation to trickle down into the hands of retail employees and customers.

“The power of the Mojix solution is that it offers customers greater portability in their application portfolio,” said Redapt Principal and President Matt Huff. “It also allows them to easily deploy applications into the cloud or on-premises through a purpose-built, fully optimized Anthos environment.”

All-in-one package

The Mojix solution, integrated by Redapt, leverages the power and flexibility of Anthos to address these and other challenges. Designed to be an all-in-one platform, it takes the burden off retailers to scale up their internal resources for deploying at the edge.

Mojix also provides end-to-end traceability with item-level visibility across manufacturing, supply chains, and retail operations. The result of this visibility, as Mojix Senior VP of Software Engineer Gustavo Rivera describes it, is that it “enables product authenticity and transparency to unlock business and operational ROI along the whole item lifecycle.”

The Mojix solution is offered as a global SaaS Cloud service, which includes rich business APIs for seamless integration and flexible customer engagement to start at any point in the item chain and then quickly expand. That way, no matter where the retailer wants to begin, the solution scales with them.

“Now more than ever, maintaining and improving the agility of application deployment to the edge is essential to limiting business disruption for retailers,”says Rose Schooler, VP & GM of Data Center and Cloud Technology Sales at Intel. “Mojix’s vertical cloud technologies in Google Cloud instances powered by Intel and fully integrated and managed by Redapt affords retailers winning edge solutions built for continuous digital transformation.”

By utilizing the Mojix solution, retailers can:

  • Centralize how their applications and systems are updated and managed
  • Gain flexibility and quickly put to work insights from their data
  • Ensure consistency in the deployment of new features and updates to help them scale as fast as possible

A strong partnership

Building a winning edge and Anthos anywhere solution called for a winning partnership between Mojix, Redapt, Intel, and Google Cloud.

According to Rivera, “A lot of our success, and our customer success, is rooted in our cloud-native solutions that are IoT enabled and powered by vertical cloud technology from the Google Cloud Platform with Anthos. We also rely on Intel’s end-to-end hardware innovations, and our great relationship with Redapt as an edge service partner.”

Interested in learning more about these technologies? View the innovative results of this solution, and how Mojix delivers the means for retailers to accelerate time to deployment, by watching the demo.

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