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Just Released: Mojix Platform Updates Include New Traceability Features for Retail Operations and Global Product Passport Execution 

Platform and application updates bring better performance, improved visibility, enhanced traceability to  real-time item-level visibility (RTILV) users in food and retail operations

Boca Raton, FL, July 9, 2024 – Mojix, a global leader in real-time item-level visibility technology, is pleased to introduce the latest (Q2 2024)  updates to the highly successful Mojix public multi-tenant SaaS platform including new features that improve performance for retail traceability, retail operations,  and add more features to digital product passport execution.  

 Available immediately, updates are included in the ytemTM for Food, ytemTM for Retail, and SourceTM  applications.

Source™  – Product Attributes Visibility and Group Configuration 

Product data management for diverse use cases, creation of groups of attributes, assigning them specific statuses (e.g., public for AGEC compliance). Existing systems lack flexibility for adaptation, making it difficult to visualize data for compliance and internal utilization.


  • Compliance flexibility by defining and managing  attribute groups for various needs. 
  • Enhanced data control for efficient data organization and retrieval.
  • Ability to create new attribute groups ensures adaptability to any needs.

Source™ Traceability – Enhanced Product Attributes Bulk Importing

This update enhances bulk product and category management through CSV files. Users can now upload CSV files via FTP and leverage new settings for improved control. This update introduces CSV file support for injecting KDEs, increasing flexibility and user choice


  • Increased data injection flexibility (not only by API but also by FTP). 
  • Less manual work & errors with CSV uploads.
  • Users can customize the process for their needs, ensuring accurate data import & efficient product/category creation/updates.

Source™ Traceability – Digital Product Passport – Enhanced Product Compliance and Customer Trust

By integrating off-the-shelf serialization into BarTender printing, brands gain real-time visibility into product distribution. Enables authenticity verification of the product data associated with identifiers such as Amazon Transparency.


  • Gain transparency across the supply chain and protect brand reputation.
  • Minimize revenue loss due to counterfeit products and unauthorized distribution.
  • Build customer confidence to drive repeat purchases and market share growth.

ytem® Retail – Mobile Master Data Inspection for Improved Traceability

Sending data to third-party for traceability requires manual checks on commission item details. This feature adds EPC-based display for efficient traceability, streamlining processes with direct ILMD inspection in the Check module.


  • Efficiency: Accelerates traceability with direct ILMD inspection, improving operational speed.
  • Accuracy: Ensures critical data accessibility, enhancing compliance. 
  • Integration: Streamlines workflows, reducing dependency on external tools

ytem® Retail Operations – Enhanced Visibility with New Inventory Discrepancy Metrics

The integration of scanned item data into both the Inventory Overview Dashboard and Stock Management API enhances historical cycle count analysis and maintains consistency with updated inventory files managed through the Inventory Operations Dashboard. The lack of information on scanned items and extra items affects historical cycle count analysis and internal dashboard coherence, leading to discrepancies in inventory management.


  • Operational Efficiency: Gain insights into scanned SKUs for cycle counts, reducing discrepancies and improving efficiency.
  • Accurate Inventory Management: Ensure accurate inventory management, optimizing resources and productivity.

“Our latest updates to the Mojix SaaS platform demonstrate our commitment to driving innovation in retail traceability and operations,” said  Chris Cassidy, CEO of Mojix. “We are continuously enhancing our platform to meet the real-world needs of our customers. These new features will empower retail operations with greater visibility and control, ensuring a higher level of transparency and efficiency in the supply chain”

“By enhancing features like product attribute visibility, bulk importing, and digital product passports, we are providing our customers with the tools they need to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in their supply chain processes,” said Gus Rivera, CTO at Mojix. “These advancements are designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry, ensuring our clients can stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.” 

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