Mojix and Luerssen: a winning combination

Lurssen Yachts

Mojix was featured in the February 2019 edition of RFID & Wireless IoT, a publication dedicated to the Global IoT and RFID industry. The article highlighted a partnership between the German shipbuilder and Mojix Europe, who was brought on board to craft an asset tracking solution that would cover their shipyards as well as their maintenance teams working in the field.

Luerssen designs and builds yachts as well as coast guard and other marine vessels. They also oversee repair and maintenance, refits, and global logistics services, a rather new aspect of their business that would require efficiency in tracking and maintaining a sizeable inventory of parts, tools, and equipment.

Customized architecture to meet highly specified needs

Mojix was tasked with designing a system that would Luerssen keep track of their assets no matter where they were in the world – in the warehouse, the shipyard (of which they have several), on a vehicle, or in the field.

Using a combination of technologies, we were able to design and integrate a system architecture that leveraged the Starflex RFID reader, Vizix, and Vizix Mobile, along with RFID tags and GPS trackers on all of their vehicles and assets. The combined power of these tools gave the company complete visibility into their static inventory as well as the movement of their assets, offering a greater-than 99 percent accuracy in both inventory reporting and location information.

GPS tracking for mobile assets

Since Luerssen’s maintenance teams are always on the go, it was necessary to track tools, parts, and vehicles when they were in the field. Using a GPS tracking solution, it became possible for the company to keep tabs on their vehicles and technicians who were working outside of their shipyards.

Simplified data visualization

With so many disparate items and assets to keep track of, a unified solution was needed to keep things simple. Leveraging the Vizix IoT platform, Luerssen was able to gain centralized visibility into their assets and was able to separate and sort data coming from different countries, different shipyards, and even based on different user roles.

To address the need to track consumables that were not able to be fitted with RFID tags, we designed an inventory management solution (IMS) within Vizix that managed spare and consumable parts inventory at the SKU level, supporting their mobile workflow.

Big data enables improved workflows

Though there were massive volumes of data being produced by the new system, Vizix helped Luerssen to extract the data that mattered most, enabling more streamlined workflows while minimizing loss and waste. Stakeholders were able to gain full visibility into the disposition and movement of their assets and vehicles, optimizing their processes significantly and leading to greater efficiencies in every process.

Some of the processes that were improved include:

  • Inventory management
  • Asset location
  • Access to information about specific assets
  • Asset handover allocation
  • Asset return following maintenance work

All in all, the system we designed for Luerssen gave them a solid foundation to build on, improving efficiency while maximizing time and, ultimately, helping them grow.

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