Mojix Delivers Unprecedented Supply Chain Visibility for the Automotive Industry

LOS ANGELES − August 1, 2012 − Mojix® Inc., the leading provider for wide-area RFID networks with unique passive RTLS capabilities, today announced an increased focus on delivering its industry-leading passive radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to the automotive manufacturing industry. Faced with overstretched supply chains and mounting pressure to hit production deadlines, the automotive industry relies on pinpoint visibility into the location of critical parts, tools and personnel. Leading automotive companies turn to the Mojix STAR 3000 System for its unique passive RFID technology that ensures all manufacturing materials are “at the right place at the right time” across the entire global supply chain.

As a competitive differentiator, automotive manufacturers leverage lean manufacturing techniques by eliminating wasteful buffer inventories and running Just In Time (JIT) production strategies that reduce in-process inventory and associated carrying costs. This puts tremendous pressure on managers to keep track of parts as they advance in real-time from the receiving dock to storage bins, or from kits to the manufacturing line. Mojix provides an ideal real-time location tracking system (RTLS) solution through its innovative source tagging process that enables automated receiving at the next step in the chain. This process not only identifies where each shipment is physically located, but can also be compared to data in a back-end ERP system to provide a more integrated supply chain.

“The Mojix STAR System is well known in the automotive and manufacturing industries as a technology that simply works, resulting in substantial CAPEX and OPEX cost reductions,” said Mark Irvine, SVP Global Sales at Mojix. “These commercial sectors are hyper-competitive and have seen considerable consolidation among major brands and suppliers. Not only offering manufacturers a competitive advantage, Mojix also promotes overall supply chain integration, which makes the consolidation process easier and offers the scalability needed for large suppliers that are often spread over vast physical areas.”

The technologies behind the Mojix STAR system include innovations in iterative signal processing, space-time array techniques, smart antennas, digital beam forming and digital packet radio breakthroughs. These technologies enable the system to detect very faint signals across vast distances in extremely noisy radio frequency environments to give the system its unprecedented indoor and outdoor receiver sensitivity, accuracy and range. This breakthrough enables new levels of item tracking across all stages of auto manufacturers including factories, distribution centers, warehouses and automotive dealerships.

The STAR product family is designed for scalable visibility across the enterprise-wide supply chain; providing significant impact on an organization’s operational efficiency and bottom-line profit and loss. The Mojix STAR 3000 is the only system capable of locating passive RFID sensors in large areas with coverage in excess of 200,000 square feet and can read and locate and RFID tag at up to 600 feet, utilizing a single STAR System. Unlike conventional RFID systems, the STAR 3000 system employs advanced digital signal processor (DSP) techniques, processing the RFID signal in multiple dimensions, namely polarization and space in addition to the time and frequency dimensions used by legacy RFID systems.

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About Mojix

Mojix is the leading technology provider for wide-area RFID networks with unique passive RTLS capabilities enabling organizations to have ubiquitous visibility of any object, item, case, product or asset in their supply chain. Providing the only wide-area passive RFID reader on the market, Mojix locates tags across large physical areas to significantly improve an organization’s ability to manage its production and logistical processes at a lower TCO. Unlike conventional passive RFID systems that are limited in coverage area, read range or active RFID systems that require costly battery-operated sensors, Mojix offers the best of both worlds: active RFID capabilities at passive RFID economics.

The Mojix STAR (Space Time Array Reader) system moves beyond conventional passive RFID offerings to enable economical, large-scale and high-volume RFID deployment. Founded in 2004 by former JPL/NASA scientists, Mojix is an international, privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit

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