Drive replenishment efficiency, profitability & client satisfaction with AI

Accurately detect anomalies, predict consequences and propose actions with maiven, our new AI visibility engine.

Optimize Operations with Predictive Insights


In today’s intricate inventory and asset management landscape, you need unprecedented insight and foresight to succeed. Through natural language conversations, our AI visibility engine guides you to the insights you need, making data analysis more intuitive and accessible than ever before.

Access real-time insights, measure the economic KPI impacts of inventory-level problems, choose from prescribed actions for better inventory management, and make decisions quickly with this game-changing tool.

Maiven at a Glance

Predictive & descriptive inventory insights

Natural language chat format

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Integrated with ytem retail platform

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Built on Google Cloud AI tools like Vertex AI

What can you do with our generative AI solution?

Maiven doesn’t just help you manage stock. It transforms the way your business operates, enhancing decision-making and helping you deliver an unparalleled client experience.


  • Spot understock & stockout risks
  • Flag items with overstock potential leading to excess inventory
  • Optimize sell-through rate
  • Uncover seasonal & event-driven inventory trends


  • Forecast imminent stockouts
  • Gauge potential understock & overstock scenarios
  • Project precise inventory levels


  • Trigger timely replenishment alerts to avert stockouts
  • Recommend strategic delays in restocking to curb excess inventory (overstock)

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