We have extensive experience working with both the US military and major defense contractors to provide solutions for:

  • Supply chain management
  • Asset management
  • Safety and security

Mojix solutions are ideal for the tracking and management of critical assets whether they are located in large warehouses, in transit within shipping containers, or deployed in the field. Mojix wide-area RFID systems and IoT software solutions are leveraged to improve readiness, boost customer confidence, reduce waste and increase velocity in the supply chain.

  • Wide-area monitoring of RFID tagged assets in large buildings and warehouses greater than 250,000 sq/ft
  • Cost-effective real-time location in warehouses using maintenance-free passive tags costing pennies instead of active tags costing tens of dollars
  • Real-time location of thousands of assets anywhere in the supply chain using a combination of sensors including active and passive RFID and GPS
  • Accurate identification of assets inside land and sea-based transportation containers
  • Enhanced security and safety: tracking of personnel, vehicles, weapons and ammunition