Mojix captures origination data from raw material suppliers and then seamlessly links it through each supply chain node. Gain complete visibility into every item’s complete journey to optimize your supply ecosystem.

Automated traceability reporting meets FDA requirements like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Rule 204.

Precisely locate batches/lots, quantities, and routes to execute recalls and withdrawals as soon as they occur.

Optimize inventory levels by monitoring demand trends and projecting accurate forecasts.

Uplift your brand reputation through ethical sourcing and sharing accurate product journeys with customers who care.

ytem™ (pronounced “item”) is a SaaS platform for restaurants and food distribution centers, capturing the total lifecycle of every item. Simplify your brand’s complex data while remaining in compliance and operating in full integrity.

Source is a user-friendly, all-in-one mobile app and SaaS platform that equips suppliers and food brands to create GTINs, digitize key data elements, and share insights across the supply chain.

The FSMA 204 Compliance Road Map: A Guide for Food Producers and Retailers

Learn what your brand needs to fulfill food traceability requirements in the circular economy.

Whether you’re a food processor, distributor, grocer, or restaurant, Mojix solutions are flexible—tailored specifically to your brand’s processes. View all itemized insights in one dashboard to make quicker, smarter decisions at every movement in your business.

With Mojix, you get:

  • Mobile app for easy serialization and data capture at farms/facilities
  • Cloud platform aggregating multi-enterprise data into unified lifecycles
  • Automated regulatory compliance documentation like FSMA reports
  • Integration with existing systems through APIs
  • AI and machine learning for anomaly detection and demand forecasting
  • And more

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