The Future Of Retail Is Here… Where Are You?

Future of Retail

February 9, 2017

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is driving the retail sector into the future. It’s influencing almost every element of the retail business, from supply chain management to the customer experience. The future of retail is RFID enabled; everything else is history.

In this retail future, goods in transit are visible, from the point of the supplier throughout the supply chain, all the way to the store. At the click of a mouse, and from anywhere in the world, a supply chain manager can see exactly where all their products are, at any time.

The warehouse, once a chaotic space where staff would bustle around searching for one box amongst many, is now a picture of serenity. An order is sent from a store and before warehouse personnel have a chance to ask “where?” the exact location of each and every item is identified. These futuristic warehouses dispatch orders with ease and accuracy, before their predecessors find their first box.

That’s if they find the box. In the past, items went missing – misplaced, stolen or lost without explanation. In this RFID enabled future, items are tracked in real-time and all the time. Be it in the warehouse or in transit, tagged items can be found, or alert managers when they are not in the right place. This ability carries into the retail store, putting an end to frequent theft.

It’s not just supply chain managers that will feel the impact of this RFID enabled retail future. Customers will also find themselves in a new era, one that adapts the shopping experience to the modern world. Social media integration, smart fitting with interactive mirrors, and omni-channel retail will engage the customer like never before.

Comprehensive, RFID systems, such as those provided by  Mojix, are revolutionising the retail sector. They are creating efficiencies, preventing losses, and providing the modern consumer with services that encourage sales and foster loyalty. The future of retail is here, where are you?

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