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What is the FDA’s Low- or No- Cost Food Traceability Challenge?


The US Food and Drug Administration announced the names of the 12 winners of the FDA New Era of Smarter Food Safety Low-or  No-Cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge. Mojix’s SaaS platform ytem™ was selected out of 90 submissions to take on the challenge of affordability via innovation and technology.

ytem™ is the first open item chain for Food, using industry standards to link together traceability events (CTEs, KDEs) for each individual item and lot, to achieve end-to-end traceability in a highly fragmented supply chain.

The FDA’s Low-or No-Cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge asked technology providers,  innovators, entrepreneurs and related organizations to develop low- or no-cost solutions that can help identify the sources of contaminated food and help remove it from the stores’ shelves fast as possible, preventing it from reaching the final consumer. Two main elements were identified as the main enablers to accomplish the challenge: traceability and the democratization of the data throughout the entire food system.

    Why was Mojix selected?

    The salient features of the proposed solution are largely derived from ytem’s original strongpoints:

    • strong potential to drive adoption thanks to frictionless, interoperable, and cost-free digitization,
    • unparallel information granularity—and therefore, food safety—via physical or virtual item-level serialization,
    • the ability, via a multi-tenant architecture, to achieve item or lot-level visibility throughout a highly fragmented, global supply chain,
    • the hatching of the first true open data network for end-to-end traceability, based on universal standards and leveraging url technology.

    ytem™ for Food

    Mojix recently expanded their SaaS-based solution ytem to include specific capabilities for the Quick Serve/Restaurant (QSR) and Grocery Store applications. The solution provides an unprecedented level of visibility into food product lifecycles and supply chains, bringing significant improvements in key areas like customer safety, authentication, waste reduction, and operational efficiency.

    Food safety is such a complex objective, that there’s no way a single company or organization can hope to achieve anything on their own. Our project is inspired by the principles of the highly efficient GS1 GDSN standards and identification network. Relevant and comprehensive data collecting and sharing, KDEs, CTEs and operational events tracking, combined with potential computing capabilities at the edge is the cornerstone of any viable food safety project today. We’re inviting all the members of the ecosystem to start building this collective data resource with us today!

    Dan Doles

    Chairman & Founder, Mojix

    Partner with us…

    Our project is a collective Food Safety enterprise, with a view to help the industry prepare for FSMA Rule 204 compliance and benefit every party involved. Contact us to find out how we can integrate you in the item chain!

    We’re looking to connect with:

    • Standards and SQF certification bodies
    • Third party auditing firms
    • In-house QA and Food Safety auditors
    • Technical partners for data capture, data analysis and process management


    Learn from them…

    We’re extremely pleased to join the Mojix program as the first partner, and to bring their FDA award-winning solution and its enhanced capabilities to our customers. Their architecture, technical approach, and focus on open access to item-level inventory management and traceability allows for more flexibility and easier adoption than other competitors with closed ecosystems. As a seamlessly integrated extension of the CMX1 platform, the joint solution offers an exceptional approach to managing product quality and food safety, providing brands the opportunity to improve responsiveness, ensure customer safety, and mitigate risk when resolving product-related incidents and executing product recalls.
    Mitch Porche

    CEO, CMX

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