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When the stakes are high, choose a best-in-breed SaaS platform


Grocery and QSR industries have much to benefit from digitalization and serialization: from inventory automation to waste reduction, increasing sales and reducing costs. To harness the true power of traceability, however, you need item-level track-and-trace.

Mojix proves you can achieve true item-level intelligence, whether you’re dealing in bulk agricultural commodity or handling fresh foods. The industry’s razor-thin margins can sustain the cost of digitization: our groundbreaking solution combines virtual and physical tagging.

Moreover, our unique multi-enterprise architecture enables you to integrate your data:

  • horizontally and even globally, across all your providers and clients
  • vertically, from edge to cloud, and in real-time!

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Regulation and Reputation: no room for error

In accordance with section 204(d)(2) of FSMA and the FDA’s Proposed Traceability Rule, Mojix’s cloud-hosted SaaS platform registers KDEs (Key Data Elements) at CTEs (Critical Tracking Events) all along the Supply Chain.

You identify 100% of your recalled or expired items during Receiving and Inventory operations.

Actionable, blockchain-backed information is accessible both at the edge and globally to help reduce waste, ensure consumer safety, provide authentication, ensure process efficiency, inventory accuracy and stock optimization!

A new solution is on the table

Mojix’s platform ytem™ for Food offers

item-level intelligence. We call it the item chain!

Each process and operation along the product’s lifecycle is a touchpoint that is valued inside our EPCIS, event-based platform.

What can ytem™ for Food do for you?

Discover the power of item-level intelligence for your Supply Chain

Food Safety & Food Quality

Track KDEs and CTEs  for FDA and EU regulations compliance.

Waste Reduction

Cut waste by automating expiration and shelf-life management.

Expiration Date Management

Smart replenish with ‘First Expired, First Out’ and optimal product rotation.

Automated Inventory

Eliminate manual tasks and benefit from a 100% accurate inventory.

Stock Picking

Boost Search & Pick in warehouse and store thanks to real-time visibility.

Automated Ship / Receive

Automate packing, shipping and receiving with RFID.

Stock Visibility

Enable item-level product lifecycle visibility to control your operations.

Lost Sales Eliminated

Sell your last remaining items; reduce buffer stock and increase your revenue.


Control your sell-out and reduce shrinkage items in stores and DCs.

The recipe for successful track-and-trace

It all starts with a unique item identity...

Items range from raw materials to finished goods.

Depending on the nature of the item, the digitization and serialization strategy is different and focused on building actionable data.

Mojix's ytem™ is currently the only platform offering this degree of granularity over entire product lifecycles, enabling you to track bulk or fresh goods, such as salads, at item level.

We're also experts in managing returnable assets (RTIM) for the Food industry.

...designed with the right technology

You may have a technology already in place or may wish to aggregate data from various sources.

Mojix's technology-agnostic platform aggregates disparate serialization encodings and standards.

It enables secure data exchange, sharing, and synchronization across different networks and APIs.

The multi-tenant quality ensures that multiple enterprises with independent Information Systems can nevertheless securely share relevant data.

... and captured seamlessly and securely!

Frictionless data capture is key to any traceability project, as it ensures the level of data accuracy.

From smartphone to fixed reader, Mojix's ytem™ platform offers ready-made connectors spanning a range of different devices, standards, and even blockchains.

The platform achieves seamless edge to cloud data integration for real-time decision making in the field.

The best thing on the menu: the app!

ytem Mobile App

An overview of some features

Pilot all your operations from one place

Dashboards provide you with the most important insights on your inventory and stock management performance, letting you make the best decisions for your business.

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