Chipotle is testing RFID tags to track ingredients for food safety

Wondering about the future of #RFID in Food traceability? Chipotle proves that it is ahead of the curve: the restaurant chain chose Mojix to pilot RFID in 200 restaurants around the Chicago area.

Meat, dairy, and avocados are tagged from five of Chipotle’s suppliers. Ingredients arrive at Chipotle restaurants with RFID-enabled labels and the Mojix traceability system allows Chipotle to resolve any matters of food safety and quality issues quickly and easily.

Read more with Nation’s Restaurant News coverage, presenting our SaaS-based traceability solution, working alongside Auburn University‘s RFIDLab, Zebra Technologies and Avery Dennison.

Thanks to Joanna Fantozzi for providing the insight for the Food industry.

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