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Sporting Goods Retailer Deploys RFID Across Hundreds of Stores

In a single year, Brazil’s Centauro increased inventory accuracy, reduced stock levels and better served its omnichannel customers by launching a UHF RFID system that ensures shoppers are served online even during pandemic closures.


Serialization and Traceability in the Supply Chain

Product serialization and traceability are fast becoming a necessity in today’s retail and manufacturing landscape. Buyers today, whether they are consumers […]


Meeting food safety challenges with innovative software solutions

Consumers are demanding transparency about their food and are holding food companies accountable for supplying that information. Organizations that fail […]


How IoT Can Impact the Healthcare Supply Chain

Cost pressures and shortages in the healthcare industry are reaching critical mass. As these challenges continue to be a significant […]


Improving the Non-Conforming Materials (NCM) Process with Software Solutions – Part 1

For manufacturers in any industry, the management of non-conforming materials (NCM) has been historically defined by inefficient processes. Most procedures are […]


The Impact of Digital Technology on Retail

In the age of experiences, where inspiring brand loyalty is the number one goal, retailers rely on digital technology to […]


Supply Chain Transparency: What It Is and Why You Need It

The trend toward supply chain transparency introduced a new paradigm, one that has penetrated just about every aspect of retail […]


Why Digital Transformation is Important to Your Retail Operation

Are you looking for a new year’s resolution that’s worthy of your full attention? Here’s one: digital transformation. Has your business […]

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