Breakthrough Technology for a Connected Business


Unique “hands-free” solution eliminates the need to manually count inventory or use barcode or RFID handheld readers

Mojix wide-area RFID systems and IoT software solutions provide accurate inventory data without the need for hands-on, manual counting with barcode or handheld RFID scanners. Automatically and invisibly collect accurate, real-time inventory data – with location – to avoid out-of-stocks, reduce markdowns, trigger replenishment, enable omni-channel fulfillment and enhance customer loyalty. Maintain perpetual inventory in the backroom and the sales floor, and even track the movement of shopping carts or goods through a store. Implement geo-fencing by creating an RF curtain in secure areas or at store exits to improve on traditional electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems.  

The Bottom Line

Mojix sensor networks and IoT platform solutions provide retailers with an unprecedented level of visibility into their operations. With a Mojix solution, the combination of low total cost and wide-area coverage significantly impacts the bottom line by increasing sales and gross margins while reducing labor costs and shrink.



Breakthrough Technology for a Connected Business  

Collect accurate data from the edge

Mojix’s STAR wide-area RFID systems provide the most comprehensive RFID data stream available giving you continuous access to accurate, real-time presence and location information of tagged assets and inventory.  Benefit from active real-time-location performance with battery-free, passive economics. 

Convert data to insight

With Mojix’s ViZix IoT software solutions, you can collect, store, analyze, understand and act on data streams, in real time, from any kind of sensor including RFID, GPS, smart phones, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-Fi devices. ViZix enables you to transform sensor data into rich, interactive maps, images and reports that unleash business insight.

Advanced Inventory Tracking System for Retail

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