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Continuous Access to Accurate, Real-Time Presence and Location Information

Collect, Store, Analyze and Act on IoT Sensor Streams in Real-Time - Unleash Business Insights

Unmatched RFID Performance and a Highly Flexible Software API

Mojix STAR RFID systems and ViZix IoT platforms enable flexible, scalable and secure solutions for a wide range of vertical markets


Oil & Gas



Event Security & Safety

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RFID in Retail

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Real-time monitoring drives real-time benefits

What are customers saying?

  • “The Mojix STAR System improved our customer’s visibility of rental equipment in our ports, reducing overall rental costs by 25%.”

    DANE VIZIER Operations Manager - ECO/C-Logistics
  • “Mojix has delivered a complete and innovative tracking solution that allows BP to monitor its cargo throughout the whole supply chain process”

    Andy Dovey
    Andy Dovey Material Management PSCM for BP Clair Ridge
  • “The Mojix STAR sensor network combined with the ViZix IoT solution was the ideal platform for event management by keeping track of tens of thousands of attendees while providing visibility of their location at all the main venues.” 

    Kazem Askari
    Kazem Askari President of Main Development
  • "The Mojix system provides us with deep visibility into which RTI's are returning from the REWE stores to the distribution centers, allowing us to better manage this flow. 

    Matthias Bär
    Matthias Bär Manager of REWE's Logistic Group
  • “There is no other choice than Mojix for RTLS with passive RFID tags” 

    Kumho Tire
    Kumho Tire