A Better Supply Chain: Tidy Warehouse, Tidy Mind

Warehouse Management

February 2, 2017

The warehouse is the lynchpin of the retail business. It ties the supply chain together, receiving goods and dispatching stock to ensure everything is where it should be. An inefficient warehouse means an inefficient business, and a highly functional warehouse can be the difference between the market leader and its challengers.

Suppliers, nationwide and around the world, send masses of goods to your warehouse in a variety of formats. Like the traditional letter tray, items arrive on your desk in all shapes and sizes, need to be processed in a variety of ways, before being placed in your outbox ready for their next destination. Like the traditional letter tray, there are now better ways to run your desktop.

RFID technology is revolutionizing warehouse organization. Tags placed on items and cartons are sensed by readers to ensure you really know where your inventory is at all times. Knowing what you have, and where it is, is key to an efficient warehouse, but in the unrelenting process of receiving, storing and dispatching goods, things are misplaced, lost and stolen.

Earlier inventory management systems have been prone to these inevitable human errors, but market-leading systems such as wide-area RFID by Mojix are changing everything. Wide-area RFID creates a net of sensing capability across your warehouse ceiling, allowing you to find any item, however hidden, at the at the click of a mouse. This means whenever your retail store demands an order, your warehouse can dispatch it quickly and accurately – avoiding costly out-of-stock situations.

Going further, RFID can be deployed across your supply chain, creating visibility from source to store. The accurate, real-time data your RFID system produces can be fed into an analytics platform, such as Mojix ViZix, to enable indispensable predictive analysis. This allows for dynamic, automated, re-ordering and re-stocking in real-time. No wonder retailers are getting so excited about big data analytics.

RFID technology represents the senses of the retail entity, the eyes and ears providing information to the business’s analytical brain. The brain produces the statistics and patterns of actionable intelligence for the decision-making mind to filter, interpret and act upon. Like a desk, the warehouse contains everything you need to work, and the speed you work depends heavily on finding what need when you need it.

Functional desk, functional business. Tidy Warehouse, Tidy Mind.

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