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Discover the inspiration behind Source

Is Source for me?

Traceability is everyone’s business. Source is for anyone who has a stake in a supply chain. That’s why we want to make it easy and universal. With nothing but a smartphone and our app, thanks to the powerful platform behind it, you can give a universal identity to your production, that will serve throughout its lifecycle. If your production is traceable, it’s valuable.

What is this lot? Where is it from?

Everyone, from the consumer to the warehouse manager, to the head of a production line will ask this question, time and again. They need the true, verifiable provenance of the lot—sometimes, the ingredients or raw materials too. To be able to answer, you must give an identity to the components at ‘birth’. But that’s not all: you must accurately attach this information to the rest of the supply chain. This is where Source makes a difference. 
Am I compliant?

Source is your best ally facing a regulatory framework. Source creates lots or items, connects to third party software and data bases, and composes lot lifecycles that are easy to read, retrieve, and update. Source can to tell you precisely where your items are, and where they came from, far beyond “one up-one back”. Traceability Reports, based on FDA requirements, list Key Data Elements attached to Critical Tracking Events. The FSMA-204 compliant Traceability Reports are automated and ready to send in one click!

Do I really need one more platform?

You need Source, because this platform aggregates all the others, to become your single source of information.

It is the one repository for all your suppliers’ and establishments’ testing and certifications. It integrates with all your existing software and databases to retrieve the right information, lot per lot, item per item. It makes sense of the data that you already have. And it accurately attaches to it the data that you don’t have! It eliminates data silos for you to find relevant, real-time, and comprehensive information in seconds. It gives your production, not only an identity, but a life, by building its entire lifecycle throughout the supply chain.

How do I generate codes?

Source makes generating GTINs easy, because it is GS1-native. It produces standard labels in any format (barcode, QR code, RFID…) that will serve to track the item or lot throughout its lifecycle from the earliest moment possible. It lets you to register establishments and and serialize lots directly from the app. Source onboards you to GS1 universal standards to give commercial and traceability value to your production, instantly!

Why is Source so easy to use?

The Source app is bursting with smart features dedicated to seamless serialization and data capture. It mitigates human error by reducing manual data capture to a minimum and automating repetitive actions. The app is also equipped with the latest recognition technology, to automatically populate data fields from available documents, such as purchase orders or invoices.

Why is Source so powerful?

Source is a multi-entreprise data sharing and open traceability platform. It is open to suppliers who create the first-mile traceability, as they may never have done before. And it is open to the brands or 3rd parties who need this traceability and own the databases collecting information to the last mile. The SaaS platform stitching the information together is backed by a best-in-class, scalable, hybrid cloud, multi-tenant, and global technical architecture. End-to-end traceability is powerful, because it is credible: no critical events missed, no key data inaccessible, no information lag. The true story of your lots and items, accurate from the first to the last page.

And the story is told first hand: your lots themselves hold all the information, not the transactional documents!

From upstream to downstream,
Source distributes a wealth of benefits

Benefits upstream

  • Plug & play digitization of lots and items
  • No onboarding needed
  • Compliance with ‘first receiver’ clients’ regulatory obligations
  • Organized and shareable certification and testing documentation
  • Automated shipping, packing, receiving and order fulfillment
  • Inventory visibility
  • Waste control with FEFO (first expired – first out)
  • Streamlined processes via real-time information


Benefits downstream

  • Systematic CTE and KDE capture and FSMA Rule 204 compliance
  • Automated Traceability Reports
  • Data validity with validation workflows
  • Quality assurance with a centralized repository for certifications and tests attached to supplier GLNs
  • Automated data reconciliation, ensuring that all parties can agree on:
    • where an item came from,
    • where it is today,
    • and where it should be sent tomorrow.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility KPIs measured