Say Hello to Generative AI Inventory Management for Retailers

Maiven™ AI transforms your inventory liabilities to opportunities. Drive smarter merchandising decisions, minimize product waste, satisfy your customers, and increase your revenue potential.

Reduce understock and stockout incidents

Increase inventory turnover rate

Boost sales from replenished items

Elevate customer satisfaction

Empower your retail teams to be proactive and prepared instead of reactive and stressed. Through every inventory incident and potential shortage, rest assured your employees have the accurate data they need to fulfill orders.

Maiven harnesses the latest generative AI capabilities to provide targeted inventory intelligence and control from three main perspectives.

Descriptive Inventory Reports

Predictive Store Insights

Prescriptive Industry Answers

Through its intuitive conversational interface, Maiven AI’s engine guides you to the insights you need, transforming your store data into total item visibility. 

  • Gain real-time, item-level visibility of your inventory
  • Reduce stock outs and overstocks
  • Measure inventory events’ impacts on key metrics
  • Receive intelligent next-step recommendations
  • Make quick, informed decisions

Join Mojix as we pioneer the future of inventory management. Empower your retail brand to drive replenishment efficiency, elevate profitability, and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Inventory Insights: Predictive & descriptive

Chat Interface: Natural language

ytem Retail Solution: Integrated with Mojix

Vertex AI: Built on Google Cloud tools

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