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RFID technology and IoT platform solutions – changing the way you do business

Mojix RFID technology and IoT platform solutions can monitor and manage physical world objects and resources – enabling data-driven decisions

The number of connected “things” in the world has skyrocketed from about a million in the early 1990s to 13 billion today. If you include non-powered assets that contain RFID technology such as a tag, the number of connected items today is significantly higher. As the Internet of Things gains momentum—digitizing business processes in every industry—we expect to see trillions of connected devices by 2020. The technology connecting all these devices has become affordable and easy to integrate. But that is not the primary reason for this explosion in connected devices. It’s about business relevance.

Companies around the globe have realized that connected technology like RFID can deliver business outcomes critical to their success.  When you use the data from your assets and apply analytics to enhance decision-making and innovation, you can see the potential to transform your business by creating new business models and revenue streams through data insights that weren’t visible before.

Innovation to empower connected businesses

Businesses benefit from insights derived through interconnectivity.  Mojix extends the connected business to include all business assets, including those without power, by applying wide-area sensor networks using RFID technology and other sensor types.

Mojix provides RFID technology and IoT platform solutions that captures meaningful information on connected assets, making them responsive and actionable. From apparel to drill pipe, Mojix technology can improve inventory visibility and allow businesses to take immediate action on asset status changes, thereby changing the way businesses operate in a competitive world.

Exploit sensor data with flexible, scalable, secure solutions


Mojix RFID and IoT technology enable users from any industry to exploit RFID and other sensor data to make real-time, operational decisions with confidence.

Mojix STAR wide-area RFID technology and ViZix IoT platform solutions enable flexible, scalable and secure solutions for retail, oil and gas, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and more.