RFID Solutions Becoming an Essential Festival Technology

RFID solutions provide attendees a safer, easier and more engaging experience

The last time you attended a festival you may not even have noticed that RFID solutions are revolutionizing your experience. Be it reducing queue times, improving security, allowing cashless payment or  linking with your social media accounts, RFID is giving you a safer, easier and more engaging event.

In the last few years, while you’ve been partying away happily, RFID solutions featuring embedded wristband technology has  allowed event organizers to keep the festival running smoothly by tracking visitor numbers and flow using real-time and post-event analytics.

The real-time nature of high performance RFID solutions mean promoters can learn from data and react immediately. For example, if there is a sudden surge of people at a particular stage, increased security and catering staff can be deployed to that area to increase your safety and reduce your queuing time for refreshments. Brand sponsors can also use this information by moving mobile outlets and promotions to the area with the most traffic.

RFID solutions with embedded wristband technology

In addition, you can now pay for food, drinks, or anything else, with your embedded wristband when its secure RFID chip technology is linked to your credit card or prepaid account. Meaning you can leave your wallet, or even your pants, at home and just focus on enjoying the event. Cashless events have been active since 2014 and with on average transaction time of just 0.5 seconds (regardless of your “state-of-mind”) it’s no wonder that many more events are set to implement the system in the coming years.

Social media integration is also adding a whole new concept to RFID enabled events. At Coachella since 2014, RFID ‘hubs’ were installed next to various music stages where you could ‘check-in’, and then at the end of the festival you’d send a ‘My Coachella Story’ summarizing your experience.

At the Bonnaroo festival, you could link your RFID embedded wristband with your Facebook account, take pictures at photo booths and upload them online, letting all your friends know what you’re up to. You could also upload playlists from Spotify or send Tweets directly. All of this provided organizers with huge amounts of valuable personalization and socializing data for the following year’s event.

Each new event and festival enabled with RFID solutions seems to find more innovative ways to use this versatile and affordable technology. In the current age of heightened security, social media and digital payment, RFID solutions with embedded wristbands represent the essential event technology.

Mojix wide-area RFID systems and ViZix IoT software solutions – the perfect foundation for any event or festival

Organizers of major events face many challenges to ensure the comfort, safety and security of attendees. In addition, event security personnel need a discreet, unobtrusive system that gives them real-time, actionable information while ensuring attendee privacy. The Mojix STAR wide-are RFID system combined with the ViZix IoT software solutions provides the ideal foundation for an event management solution by keeping track of tens of thousands of attendees while providing visibility of their location at all main venues. Mojix RFID solutions technology assures safety and security for all visitors, attendees and event personnel.

Learn more about how Mojix RFID solutions can enhance the comfort, safety and security of attendees, monitor attendance, improve ticketing operations, combat counterfeiting and coordinate security from a central location.

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