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Mojix Visibility to the Edge of Your Business


STAR™ wide-area RFID readers and sensor network solutions. Visibility to the edge of your business.

Mojix STARflex


STARflex™ wide area RFID reader. Unmatched RFID performance and a highly flexible software API.

Mojix Visibility to the Edge of Your Business


ViZix™ Real-time IoT platform solutions for wireless sensor networks. Find the information that matters.

Mojix Retail Apparel


Low-cost, wide-area RFID system tracks inventory, reduces shrinkage, and increases sales

Mojix Manufacturing


Wide-area passive RFID integrates supply chains, speeds W.I.P. and eliminates shipping errors

Mojix Automotive


Wide-area passive RFID integrates supply chains and tracks vehicles in real-time

White Papers
Mojix RFID in Military and Defense Applications


RFID in military and defense applications – going beyond supply chain operations

Mojix RFID in Retail Healthcare Clinics


RFID in retail healthcare clinics – improving the patient experience

Mojix RFID Solutions for Manufacturing


RFID solutions for manufacturing – supporting lean manufacturing

Mojix RFID in the Retail Market


RFID in the retail market – real-time monitoring drives real-time benefits


The Internet of Things comes to pharmacies – A miracle cure?

The Future of RFID in Retail

Finding Value Beyond Efficiency

Solutions Briefs
Mojix OmniSenseRF


OmniSenseRF inventory service. Real-time inventory visibility provided as a monthly service

Benefit Analysis
Mojix End-to-End Always-On RFID


OmniSenseRF inventory service. Analyzing ROI for RFID in retail

Thought Leadership
Mojix Market Perspective Oil & Gas


Internet of Things – A good investment while oil prices are low

Mojix Next Generation Sensor Network Solutions for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations


Next generation sensor network solutions for offshore oil and gas operations

Mojix Secure And Safe Event Experience

Event Experience

Secure and safe event experience. 1st European games at Baku, Azerbaijan

Big Data Analytics Are Essential For Retail Supply Chain Success
Once Upon A Time, Accurate Inventory Management Was Difficult
Mojix Retail Solutions
Mojix RFID Solution at Mazda Motor Logistics Europe
How Agile is Your Retail Business?
Meet The Omni-Channel RFID Shopper Experience
Why Retailers Are Turning To RFID For Loss Prevention
RFID is Making Hospitals Better
RFID in Retail: Brick and Mortar vs Ecommerce
Mojix Blog – RFID in Retail
Mojix Blog – RFID in Airlines
RFID in Mining
RFID Technology for Retail
Mojix & IBM

Mojix & IBM deliver Mojix STAR system for Japan (Japanese language)

Mojix star system -Defense Logistics Agency

– Mark Lieberman – Program Manager

Mojix RFID Deployment

Edison Chouest Offshore

BP, Director of Applications

Chief Technology Office, Curt Smith – Mojix star system


Vizix™ Quick start guide.