Unleash Wireless Sensor Networks with ViZix™ IoT Platform Solutions

Wireless sensor networks are optimized to monitor and process Big Data with ViZix IoT platform solutions

Find The Information That Matters

In the IoT world, thousands of sensors generate continuous high-capacity, high-speed data streams at different rates and formats.  Wide-area RFID reader solutions provide high volumes of continuous real-time “Streaming RFID” data.  How do you mine massive amounts of IoT and streaming RFID data from your wireless sensor networks to find The Information That Matters?  ViZix is optimized to monitor and process enormous data streams from thousands of sensors, producing millions of events. ViZix captures information that matters, enabling users to visualize it, interpret it, and take action in real time.

Visualize Your Wireless Network Sensor Data.. Your Way

ViZix IoT platform solutions enable businesses to consume, process, visualize and act upon time-sensitive information presented in intuitive, easy-to-understand formats. Highly flexible and configurable, ViZix enables users to customize business reports and user interfaces without additional code development, accelerating time-to-value. ViZix transforms real-time data into interactive maps, images and reports valued by business users, providing a rich user experience.

Rules-Based Workflow, Notifications, Actuation and Reporting

ViZix IoT platform solutions can be configured to trigger a variety of responses including alerts, notifications, workflow changes, etc. based on device state changes and actuation of edge devices. ViZix supports a state of the art Complex Event Processing (CEP) rules engines. It’s designed for high volume event correlation where millions of events coming in would make it impossible to store them all to later query them using classical database architecture. ViZix is capable of triggering custom actions when complex conditions occur among event streams.

Complex Event Processing

Targeted to real-time, event-driven architectures, ViZix is capable of triggering custom actions when complex conditions occur among event streams. It’s designed for high-volume event correlation where millions of events coming in would make it impossible to store them all to later query them using classical database architecture.

Real-Time IoT Platform Solutions
for Wireless Sensor Networks

User-Configurable at All Levels

Users can optimize ViZix-based solutions without the cost and delays of new software development. This enables businesses to exploit learnings, realize new benefits and scale easily – without the cost and delays associated with new code development. Users can configure:

  • User roles and privileges
  • ThingTypes and their attributes
  • Complex event processing (CEP) rules engine
  • Notification mechanisms and triggers
  • Graphical and tabular report structure, content and presentation
manage logistics across your entire supply chain

Scalable Support for Big Data

ViZix’s big data framework supports unlimited server nodes and high-volume data streams for large-scale enterprise solutions:

  • Unstructured data in a “noSQL” database used, for example, for accumulating time series data in real-time, and for replay and analysis later
  • Linearly scalable big data storage, meaning the cost of added storage grows at the same rate as the data volume
  • A traditional data warehouse that’s accessible by higher-level systems

Fractal Multi-Tenancy™ to Support Hierarchical, Multielement Implementations

ViZix supports Fractal Multi-tenancy, which enables support of divided, hierarchical organizations by independent element or aggregated at any level. Configurable options can be inherited or specialized by site. This enables a single instance to support a diverse organization with variety in ThingTypes, roles, security, rules, reports, etc.

ViZix enables automatic alerts,
workflow changes, and process improvements
triggered by user-defined business
logic and filters.

ViZix Real Time Software Solutions


ViZix IoT platform solutions enables connected business solutions across a variety of industries including:

  • Retail: inventory visibility systems
  • Construction: supply chain and asset tracking
  • Healthcare: medical asset management
  • Banking, Finance, Internet: IT asset management
  • Manufacturing/Automotive: WIP and subassembly tracking
  • Oil & Gas: asset tracking, supply chain and crew safety
  • Consumer Experience/Events: security and safety
ViZix is scalable, flexible and global enterprise ready

Designed for Seamless Integration

ViZix supports stable, standards-based interfaces that simplify development and lead to maintainable, higher-performing solutions:

  • MQTT, which is a widely supported, lightweight, communications mechanism that enables seamless integration with back-end software, such as Oracle, SAP and IBM configurable QoS levels.


ViZix addresses security on three levels:

  • Internet Transport Layer Security (TLS) with strong encryption for secure access by applications and devices using the RESTful API
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing based on OWASP
  • MQTT transport layer security between sensors and the platform (planned for release later in 2015)
ViZix provides a rich user experience

ViZix provides a rich user experience, allowing business users to create applications by specifying rules, filters, reporting and visualization preferences, reducing cost and deployment time.

ViZix IoT Platform Architecture

ViZix combines 300,000
person-hours of expert software
development with state-of-the-art
Internet of Things technology.
ViZix is field tested in demanding
Global 500 companies.

ViZix IoT platform architecture


Event Security & Safety

Enhance the comfort, safety and security of attendees, monitor attendance, improve ticketing operations, combat counterfeiting and coordinate security from a central location.


Synchronize and optimize your supply chain, verify shipments and automate, streamline and error-proof processes. Keep track of tooling, fixed assets and WIP to ensure audit compliance and maintain peak output.


Automatically and invisibly collect accurate, real-time inventory data – with location – to avoid out-of-stocks, reduce markdowns, enable omni-channel fulfillment and enhance customer loyalty.

Oil & Gas

Track asset location at all times, streamline supply chain logistics, boost return on capital, improve safety and mitigate operational risk—all with one flexible infrastructure.


Improve patient outcomes and patient and staff satisfaction, streamline patient flow, tighten the supply chain and track expensive equipment and other assets throughout the system.

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