Advanced Inventory Tracking Solution for Retail

Retail Inventory Tracking and Visibility as a Monthly Service

OmniSenseRF Inventory Service is a vendor-managed, RFID inventory analytics solution deployed in stores and provided as a service. It delivers highly accurate, real-time, inventory count and location information.

Wide-area, fixed infrastructure RFID solution

  • Item Count Engine for perpetual inventory
  • Item Location Engine for Real Time Location Services (RTLS)
  • Operates on industry standard EPC tags and labels

Supports multiple in-store retail use cases:

  • Superior solution for replenishment use case
  • Inventory confirmation
  • Pick & ship from store
  • Zoning/promotions
  • Planogram compliance
  • Back store confirmation

Item Count Engine

  • Provides automatic, perpetual inventory visibility
  • Captures inventory changes as they happen
  • Eliminates accuracy variation due to operator compliance

Item Location Engine

  • Continuous, automatic item-level location identification
  • Provides continuous, item-level time stamp details
  • Guide store associates
  • Guide consumers to goods
  • Monitor goods movement
  • “Camera-Free” monitoring
RFID Inventory Tracking

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