RFID Tracking

RFID Tracking Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

RFID Tracking in Real-Time – Visibility into Your Entire Operation

Prevent losses, reduce operational risks and automate supply chains

Mojix wide-area RFID technology and IoT platform solutions provide real-time, web-enabled visibility of your supply chain, assets and crew, reducing cost and risk in your operations.

Battery free passive RFID tags last the life of the asset and require no maintenance.  They are intrinsically safe, meaning you can deploy them in any environment.  Costing as little as a thousandth the cost of active tags, passive tags deliver active results with passive economics.

Operating an oil rig and the complex supply chain that supports it requires the tracking of thousands of assets — the lack of just one can stop production.  Combining data from RFID, GPS and other tags, Mojix RFID tracking solutions tell you where your assets are in real time. Complex construction jobs are synchronized, reducing overruns and penalties. Asset utilization is maximized.

Oil production is a hazardous business, and the safety of crew members is paramount.  Mojix RFID provides real-time location of employees, enabling a coordinated emergency response and orderly, rapid mustering to safe zones.

The Bottom Line

Mojix RFID tracking solutions provide oil and gas firms and their suppliers with an unprecedented level of visibility into operations.  Users know where assets are at all times, streamline supply chain logistics, boost return on capital, improve safety and mitigate operational risk—all with one flexible infrastructure.



Breakthrough Technology for a Connected Business  

Collect accurate data from the edge

Mojix’s STAR wide-area RFID technology provide the most comprehensive RFID data stream available giving you continuous access to accurate, real-time presence and location information of tagged assets and inventory.  Benefit from active real-time-location performance with battery-free, passive economics.

Convert data to insight

With Mojix’s ViZix IoT platform solutions, you can collect, store, analyze, understand and act on data streams, in real time, from any kind of sensor including RFID, GPS, smart phones, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-Fi devices. ViZix enables you to transform sensor data into rich, interactive maps, images and reports that unleash business insight.

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