Day one at NRF in New York City – the world’s largest retail technology show.

Come meet the Mojix team in booth 1208 on Level 1 and discover the power of the ytem™ Chain.

Empower your item-level data at every step of the journey.

Every event. Every connection. Every time.


The shift from SKU level data to item-level data is happening and it requires a new type of data infrastructure to serve the needs of enterprise software categories like Product Information Management, Inventory Management and Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Integrations.

ytem chain

Welcome to the ytem™ Chain

ytem™ traces each and every event in a product’s life-cycle through digital identity and our multi-tenant cloud platform.

ytem™ works in real time to provide essential, immutable data at any time, with end-to-end transparency of item status, history, provenance, and location.

ytem™ is hardware and sensor agnostic and can integrate and share data with any other information system.

ytem™ aggregates and processes data streams from any other source.

Ignite your business with the ytem chain from Mojix



Jim Donaldson

Jim is the Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at Mojix, Inc., a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail. Jim has more than 30 year's experience working for both start-up and public technology companies.


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