Trillions of unique items and events. One item chain management solution.

Come find out why retailers and consumer brands are using solutions from Mojix to capture and manage all item-level data and events across the entire retail product lifecycle.
The shift from SKU level data to Item level data is the key enabler to the future of eCommerce enabling provenance, authenticity, traceability, sustainability and the circular economy. This shift requires a new type of data infrastructure that will be very disruptive to existing enterprise software categories like Product Information Management, Inventory Management and Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Integrations. Mojix is the leading provider of Item Chain Management solutions to address this shift.

Visit us in booth #1208 (Level 1) at NRF 2020 to experience the power of our solutions and let us demonstrate how we turn item-level data into valuable operation intelligence at every point in the product lifecycle.


Jim Donaldson

Jim is the Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at Mojix, Inc., a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail. Jim has more than 30 year's experience working for both start-up and public technology companies.


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