RFID technology, IoT solutions, and advanced software platforms from Mojix provide flexible, scalable, and secure solutions that enhance visibility and control. Minimize compliance risks, reduce operational costs, and fortify every aspect of your asset tracking systems—from acquisition to deployment.

Ensure stock levels remain stable and prevent waste.

Detect potential malfunctions early and enable predictive maintenance via IoT trackers.

Offload employees’ physical strain by implementing automation and mechanical production tasks.

Protect against workflow issues with data from a 360-degree view of production.

Identify defects and inaccuracies early to prevent recalls and wasted materials.

Vizix™ is the ultimate asset tracking solution for industrial operations that demand environmental monitoring, workflow tracking, quality control, asset management, and comprehensive visibility across the supply chain. With IoT sensors and RFID technology, Vizix minimizes asset loss, enhances efficiency, and optimizes operations. Locate stationary assets effortlessly with real-time tracking from Vizix. 

Mojix leverages Internet of Things (IoT) asset tracking technology to provide industrial suppliers with unparalleled transparency and control. Maiven™ by Mojix is an AI-driven engine that identifies anomalies, asset positions, quality issues, and more so your company can:

  • Diagnose risks 
  • Anticipate inventory levels and potential consequences
  • Propose strategies to achieve optimal inventory flow 

See how real-time traceability solutions and AI inventory management software help future-proof your business in the ever-changing global supply chain.

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