Improving Patient Satisfaction in Retail Healthcare Clinics

RFID enables improvements in patient flow, experience and overall satisfaction in retail healthcare clinics and hospitals

Healthcare innovators aim to maximize patient satisfaction while minimizing costs and risk. But healthcare is evolving rapidly under the onslaught of rapid change in technology, demographics and regulation, and staying on top if it is challenging.

In ambulatory surgery, outpatient services and urgent care centers, patient throughput is key to both satisfaction and financial performance.  When operations are coordinated, expensive expertise, space and equipment is used to best advantage and patients leave happier and healthier.

Using battery-free, passive RFID tags and Mojix STAR wide-area RFID technology and ViZix IoT platform solutions, you can locate patients, staff and equipment in real time.  Your staff can use easy-to-read, configurable, map-based and graphic dashboard reports to maximize throughput and minimize waiting time.  To head-off problems before they happen, notifications generated by a configurable rules engine automatically alert staff when their attention is needed.

In the storeroom, an RFID-based inventory tracking system can provide accurate inventory data to avoid stockouts of key supplies by triggering replenishment, eliminating the need for expensive safety stock.

The STAR RFID solution and ViZix IoT platform help clinic management visualize operations in real time in order to optimize use of valuable resources and enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

The Bottom Line
Use Mojix solutions to improve patient outcomes, satisfaction scores and throughput; tighten the supply chain and track expensive equipment and other assets throughout the system.



Breakthrough Technology for a Connected Business  

Collect accurate data from the edge

Mojix’s STAR wide-area RFID technology provide the most comprehensive RFID data stream available giving you continuous access to accurate, real-time presence and location information of tagged assets and inventory.  Benefit from active real-time-location performance with battery-free, passive economics. 

Convert data to insight

With Mojix’s ViZix IoT platform solutions, you can collect, store, analyze, understand and act on data streams, in real time, from any kind of sensor including RFID, GPS, smart phones, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-Fi devices. ViZix enables you to transform sensor data into rich, interactive maps, images and reports that unleash business insight.

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