Do You Really Know Where Your Inventory Is?

Hands-free RFID

December 21, 2016

Retail apparel is a chaotic business. Thousands of items in dozens of sizes and colors from a multitude of suppliers live transiently, stacked in endless warehouses and distribution centers until their number is called. A fleet of trucks race to locations across the country trying to beat traffic and time. The visually perfect store floor is attacked by hordes of customers with no regard for the inventory management.

Inevitably things get lost. Misplaced items, be it in the warehouse, truck or store, cause delays and incorrect inventory data directly impacts retailers’ bottom lines. Being impeccably organized is great but difficult to achieve and comes with its own costs. What if you could always know exactly where your entire inventory is… at all times?

Hands-free RFID and inventory analytics changes everything. Pioneered by Mojix, hands-free RFID technology combined with inventory analytics brings order to chaotic spaces such as warehouses, distribution centers and store floors. Not by attempting to organize these dynamic environments, but, by bringing real-time inventory visibility whenever it’s needed.

Using a hands-free RFID approach in a warehouse, an order can be selected and the location of boxes will instantly be shown, regardless of where they were misplaced. Preventing timely searching and consequent delays that can impact the entire supply chain.

When a customer in a store can’t find their size or a particular style, they can request a search for the item, which may be found in the back room or yet to be re-shelved from the fitting room. This prevents unnecessary out-of-stock situations, retains customer loyalty and enables efficiency on store floors.

Retail apparel may always be a chaotic business, but with the use of hands-free RFID technology and inventory analytics, retailers can achieve the visibility they need to create efficiency and maximize profit

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