Event security and safety solutions

RFID and IoT Technology to Support Event Security, Safety and Customer Experience

RFID and IoT – The perfect foundation for any event  

Organizers of major events face many challenges to ensure the comfort, safety and security of attendees. In addition, event security personnel need a discreet, unobtrusive system that gives them real-time, actionable information while ensuring attendee privacy. Mojix STAR wide-area RFID technology combined with the ViZix IoT platform provides the ideal foundation for an event management solution by keeping track of tens of thousands of attendees while providing visibility of their location at all main venues. Mojix technology assures safety and security for all visitors, attendees and event personnel. 

The Bottom Line

Mojix solutions provide organizers with both high-level visibility across all their venues and the ability to focus on selected zones from a central control location, ensure a more secure and safer event. 



Breakthrough Technology for a Connected Business  

Collect accurate data from the edge

Mojix’s STAR wide-area RFID technology provides the most comprehensive RFID data stream available giving you continuous access to accurate, real-time presence and location information of tagged assets and inventory.  Benefit from active real-time-location performance with battery-free, passive economics. 

Convert data to insight

With Mojix’s ViZix IoT platform solutions, you can collect, store, analyze, understand and act on data streams, in real time, from any kind of sensor including RFID, GPS, smart phones, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-Fi devices. ViZix enables you to transform sensor data into rich, interactive maps, images and reports that unleash business insight.

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